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USB Slip Ring In Test Equipment

With the accelerated process of social information, the mobile phone as a convenient communication tool already entered all areas of modern life.

Mobile phone functions are supported by the phone's motherboard, mobile phone board in the production process must go through a series of tests before they can be put on the market. With the improvement of production technology, the testing process also made corresponding improvement.

Given the above, the major mobile phone manufacturers started to develop automatic test equipment, in order to improve the efficiency of the mobile phone testing, quality assurance cell phone factory. Automatic phone detection equipment used in the construction cycle turntable forms, and USB slip ring as a core component mounted on a rotating center of the device, there are a number of USB channel slip ring, with USB hubs, USB test port can be expanded to more than a dozen or even tens of. Each test port corresponds to a test phone. When the timing test turntable rotates, the computer USB port to connect USB passage through the slip ring onto the turntable test mobile phone, mobile phone motherboards and other hardware for testing, slip ring perfect solution to the problem of winding the turntable rotation, to subvert the traditional single testing methods, which greatly improves the efficiency of the test.

Currently, cosmau multichannel USB slip ring has been successfully applied in various large companies automated phone detection equipment, and can be extended to the LED display and other electronic equipment testing equipment, with the maturity and popularity of automated test equipment, this product will be more widely used.

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