What Is a Slip Ring

12.7~300mm through

hole;can combine all

kind of signals;available

in 1~120 signal and

power circuits.

Through Bore Slip Rings

7.9~35mm compact

design could meet your

rotating applications;

Circuits combination

is available.

Capsule Slip Rings

This series slip rings

provide 100Base-T/

1000Base-T Ethernet

connections with a

combination of 2~10A

power connection.

ethernet slip ring

The USB slip ring is

designed for transmit

the signal of USB1.0,

USB2.0 and USB3.0

with reliable


USB Slip Rings

It can combine with

Power and signal,

Ethernet, USB,

Devicenet,Control Net,


Broadband Slip Rings

This high speed slip

rings are used in

applications up to 8000

rpm, fiber brush contact

technology, long service


These high current,

multiple contact SRF

slip rings can handle

hundreds of ampers.

In applications like

wind turbines.

High Current Slip Rings

These waterproof slip

ring with advaced design

that can operating under

water, IP68 design with

high performance.

Waterproof Slip Rings

These pancake slip ring

units (also called flat

slip ring are used when

space is of a premium and

a standard slip ring can

not be used.

Pancake Slip Rings

This series slip ring can

support shielding wires on

request,and shield rings

inside,special for encoder

signal and servo motor

control signals.

Servo Motor Encoder Slip Rings

The hd-sdi interface allow

the transfer of 1080p or

1080i uncompressed

video ona two conductor

coaxial cable; campact


HD Slip Rings

Fiber optic can be single

mode or multi-mode,can

transfer almost any

type of application from

industrial engineering

to medical devices.

Fiber Optic Slip Rings

MEP series rotary joints,

Support Pneumatic/

Hydraulic,it can combine

with power,signal,


Canbus on request.

Pneumatic Slip Rings

Rotary unions and rotary

joints are precision

mechanical device used

to transfer fluid from

rotating interface.

rotary unions