Miniature Thru-Bore Slip Rings

This series is specially designed through bore for hydraulic or pneumatic rotating shaft installation. Precious metal multiple points contact and advanced fiber optic contact technology; Compact overall size design, and please no hesitate contact us, we will provide the best solution for you.

  • This slip rings do not require lubrication and produce virtually no wear debris
  • This series uses a modular design that allows for unprecedented flexibility with respect to package size, circuit count, and mix of power and signal circuits
Model Thru-bore(mm) Number of Circuits Rating Current(A) Voltage AC/DC(V) OD(mm) Speed(RPM) Drawings
STR004 4 2~18 2 250 ø22 250 View More
STR005 5 2~12 2 250 ø22 250 View More
STR007 7 6,12,24,30,36 2 250 ø24.8 250 View More
STR009 9 12 2 250 ø25 250 View More
STR215 15 2~24 2 250 ø32.8 250 View More
STR220 20 2~12 2 250 ø42 250 View More

More than 70% products belong to custom series. If you couldn't find suitable products, please feel free to contact us: [email protected] or our technical support: [email protected]. Thanks for your support!